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Define what’s important to you

Knowing your values can help you make decisions about your career and make sure that you are happy in the job you choose

What will make you happy?

You can work with SoMe or with accounting at many workplaces. But there can be a big difference in workplaces and whether it will be a good place for you.

So far, we have worked on finding what motivates you, what you like to do and finding your strengths. Defining what's important to you will make you more aware of what will make you comfortable and happy in your job. And it will make it easier for you to sort through job postings.


Identify your career values

The exercise below is about finding your “career values.” That might seem be difficult, especially if you haven’t had a job before. But you can identify your values anyway. You have learned a lot about yourself throughout your studies. You have tried to work with different subjects in different ways. You know what works for you.

Use the list when facing a decision about your career. Many factors come into play when making choices, so do not forget your own values in the process.


Still in doubt?

Explore opportunities within and outside your program. You can gain experience and learn a lot about yourself through project-oriented courses/internships, student jobs and volunteer work. You can see some of the opportunities at SDU Job bank.

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