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Option to bring an observer to the hearing of parties


You are entitled to bring an observer when you are required to partake in a hearing of the parties at Student Services, this follows from Section 8, subsection 1 of the Public Administration Act, Consolidated Act 2014-04-22 No. 433.

What is an observer?

An observer is a person of your choosing. It may for example be a friend, a family member, a representative of a relevant interest organization or association etc. The observer can, for example, be chosen based on your personal relationship or based on his/her professional knowledge.

An observer supports and accompanies you during the hearing of the parties at Student Services.

What tasks do the observer hold?

The observers task is first and foremost to support you during the hearing of the parties.

The observer is to listen to your conversation with Student Services. It may be the observers task to help you remember what you would like to say, and after the hearing the observer can help remember what was said and what is going to happen now in the case.

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Last Updated 13.01.2019