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What do we require from you as a student?

You'll experience that life as a university student is very different from that of a high school student’s. Being a university student means that you alone are responsible for your studies and your learning - after all, it is your future it concerns.

As a student at SDU we expect you to:

  • Be ready and willing to study and be intellectually challenged
  • Be studying full-time. Note that learning activities do not only refer to classes, and classes do not only mean lectures. Teaching and learning activities also refer to e.g. independent studies, study group work and the like.
  • Get to know the requirements relating to both your programme and the individual courses.
  • Show up in time for classes, be well-prepared and actively taking part in the classes
  • Seek help if you are delayed, fail exams or if other circumstances make it difficult for you to study full-time.

We also expect you to take charge of the more administrative parts of your course of study by:

  • Signing up for courses within the deadlines on Student Self Service. 
  • Submitting contracts such as e.g. a Bachelor's Project Contract or Master's Thesis Project Contract within the deadline
  • Staying updated on information from SDU through Blackboard and your Student e-mail
  • Staying informed about the SU rules and regulations on

This section provides good advice for effective structuring of your working day as a student

It is important to establish how, when and where you study most effectively. That way you are guaranteed to benefit the most from your course of study and your time at SDU. SDU University Library has worked out a webpage, which may help you find out how best to find your footing and how to study most effectively with the best result.

In the menu you will your timetable, information regarding registration for courses and more. 

Last Updated 26.08.2021