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How to apply to the Study Board

If things do not go according to plan…

Should you be unable to live up to the requirements on your programme, you may apply for dispensation (exemption).

Do you need to apply for credits?

Should you want to study abroad or follow courses on other Danish universities or on SDU, that are not part of your programme or syllabus, you need to apply for credits (pre-approval). Or perhaps you  have previously studied another programme.

Deadline for applications

No later than 14 days before a Study Board meeting, you must have sent in your application and all relevant documentation, so the Study Board can process your application in time.

Closed for the summer
Please be aware that the Study Board will not be processing cases in July due to the summer holidays. If your case is urgent, it will be assessed on 31 July 2019 at the earliest.  
You are welcome to phone the Study Board phone at (+45) 65 50 2291 or contact the Student Information Point at, if you have questions that cannot wait for us to return. However, it will unfortunately not be possible to speak to an employee from your own Study Board but there will be other employees from the other Study Boards at BSS present.

The Student Information Point and the Study Board phone are closed between 15-26 July 2019. 

We apologise for any inconvenience. 



Apply to the Study Board!

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Last Updated 26.08.2021