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Your rights as a student

Cases of examination irregularities are confidential and university employees are sworn to secrecy.

If a decision on punishment has been made in a case of examination irregularity, there will always be an opportunity to appeal against that decision.

If the sanction has drastic consequences for your studies, you are advised to contact the counselling centre for the purpose of an alternative study plan.

In some cases the suspicion of cheating arises only just before an exam, for example, if the basis for the exam is a written assignment. This can stop or postpone subsequent oral exams and the students usually get at least one day's notice. 

To give the student the benefit of the doubt, and only in isolated instances the university may choose to examine a student, although the student in question is under the suspicion of having violated the rules regarding examination irregularities and/or plagiarism. 

You can bring an adviser to a meeting on examination irregularities.

When a case is reported SDU may choose to review exams the student in question previously has completed, if there is a justified reason for this. This should be seen in relation to the fact that there is no statute of limitations for examination irregularities.

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Last Updated 13.01.2019