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Target your CV

There are 3 important things you must remember, when targeting your CV

1. Only include relevant information

Make sure your CV only contains relevant information. You might have a general CV and a targeted CV. In your general CV, include all your experience, education and anything else you can come up with. Every time you write a CV for a new job, just include the things that are relevant to that particular position.

Don't include all your honors, awards, and grades unless they are specifically relevant for the position. Learn more on how to make your CV relevant for the position.


reads the CV first og 49% won't read the application if the CV isn't interesting (Ballisager, 2017). That's why it's important to spend some time on making a good and targeted CV. Otherwise they might not read your well-written application.



2. Don’t be afraid of “gaps” in your CV

If you only include what is relevant, you will almost always find that there are some “gaps” in your CV. You can accommodate this in your heading by calling it “Relevant work experience”, “Relevant education” or “Relevant courses”.

You may also have gaps if you have been ill or on maternity leave. This is entirely OK - as long as you can answer if they ask about it. There are many ways to talk about your illness. 

Do you have "gaps" in your CV? And what will you say if they ask you about it?

Contact us if you need counseling on how to tackle “gaps” in your CV.


3. Start your CV with a profile text

  • A profile text is a summary of what you can do and what you want.
  • It takes up about 3-5 lines.
  • You can target it to the specific position.
  • It's a short, cohesive presentation of what you can do – you can describe how you match this particular job and what drives you.
  • You might want to include how long you're planning to stay in Denmark. For Danish companies to take a chance with you, they want to be sure that hiring you will pay off. If they are uncertain whether you will stay in Denmark, they will most likely ignore you.

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