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The Compulsory Study Start Test at the Faculty of Engineering (MSc)

As an engineering student, you must pass the compulsory study start test to be able to continue your master studies. The study start test must be completed at the start of the semester and you have two attempts to pass the test.

The study start test consists of completion of the e-learning course How to Master. While the primary objective of the test is to determine whether you have started your master studies at SDU, the purpose of How to Master is to help you getting started with your master studies.

If you do not complete the course within the stipulated deadline, you will have a second attempt (reexamination). The reexamination also consists of completion of How to Master.

If you do not pass the reexamination, your enrolment at the university will be annulled. Please note that once you have been disenrolled due to a failed study start test, you cannot be re-enrolled on the same study programme later on, unless the university considers that your prerequisites for completing the programme have improved considerably.


Study start test September 2022

  • To pass the exam you must complete How to Master no later than 7 September 2022. It is possible to complete the test more than once.
  • To pass the reexam you must complete How to Master no later than 14 September 2022. 

Access to SDU’s digital platform and How to Master

How to Master will be available on SDU’s digital platform (itslearning) during August. Thus, to complete in the study start test you must have access to SDU’s digital platform. If you are not a student at SDU already, it is very important that you order your student card and activate your account before study start. Further information about access to IT services.


If you cannot access SDU’s digital platform (itslearning) or experience other IT problems, please contact SDU IT on email or phone +45 6550 2990.

If you can access the digital platform but not the course How to Master, please contact your programme secretary.

If you live abroad and have problems arriving in time for semester start, please contact your programme coordinator.

If you are prevented from completing the study start test, you should apply to the Academic Study Board for a dispensation.



Last Updated 25.03.2022