Compulsory Study Start Test

As a master of science in engineering student, you must pass a so-called ‘study start test’ in order to be able to continue your studies. You have two attempts to pass the test. It is not a test as such; you will pass the test if you are present at lectures during the first week of the semester. Thus, the purpose is merely to determine whether you have in fact arrived and commenced your studies. You have two attempts to pass the test. The second attempt (reexamination) is in the second week of the semester.

If you do not pass the study start test, your enrolment will be annulled. Please note that once your enrollment has been withdrawn due to a failed study start test, you cannot be re-enrolled on the same study programme later on, unless the university considers that your preconditions for completing the degree have improved considerably.

If you are prevented from participating, you must apply to the Academic Study Board for exemption. You apply through: -> Studyboard -> Dispensation -> General Application

You will receive further information about the study start test in connection with the study start at the Faculty of Engineering.