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CITIZEN SCIENCE: lead scientific change through co-creation


Deadline for application is January 3rd, 2022. The program will accept max. 25 students.

You will learn to:

  • Co-create and manage citizen science projects
  • Employ digital media to engage citizens
  • Critically argue for inclusion of citizens in your field
  • Support the sustainability agenda through citizen engagement
  • Unfold your own profession in a cross-disciplinary team
  • Contribute to citizen science research.

As part of the programme students are invited to participate in a conference and a study trip free of charge.

Citizen Science engages citizens in research – as data collectors, co-analysts and even policy co-developers. It is a fast-growing field within the full range of scientific university disciplines, and it includes methods like Community-Based Research, Public Patient Involvement, Participatory Design.

Citizen Science is a response to the increasing pressure on universities to defend their research investments and to explain benefits to citizens. Citizen Science can also be seen to counter the movements towards a post-factual society.

In this talent program you will experience innovative ways of engaging citizens, and you get a chance to collaborate with students across the natural sciences, health, engineering, business and humanities. You learn what it takes to make your science matter in society. Become a talented, visionary, high achiever who wants to make a difference.

International exposure. As part of the programme students are invited to participate at a conference, where you will pick up on the current state-of-the-art within Citizen Science. Furthermore students will attend a study trip to meet up with Citizen Science entrepreneurs and researchers. Travel and accommodation are included for the students who join the programme.

SDU Citizen Science Knowledge Center includes research frontrunners across all five faculties. The center provides cases of sciences that may benefit from citizen engagement. You get to work with some of the most progressive SDU researchers and you get support from professors who understand the principles and techniques of citizen science.

The program for 2022: Expected release date 15th September.


Citizen Science – Talent Programme 2020 booklet (PDF)


Professor Jacob Buur -