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Career Management Skills (CMS)

Get ready for your career with CMS
Career Management Skills are essentially gained through career preparation courses. 

CMS a practice-oriented subject, where you get to test your theoretical knowledge together with companies and organisations, while reflecting on how you can apply your skills in different companies after your graduation. 

The course covers themes such as clarification of skills, networking, job searching, the job interview process, work-life balance, career strategy and thesis writing with an external partner.

The course's lecturers are career advisers at
SDU Job and Career.

CMS are a part of career profile subjects and project-orieted courses.

Career Management Skills (CMS) are a compulsory part of all career profile subjects.

In some education programmes, Career Management Skills (CMS) are a compulsory part of project-oriented courses. In other programmes, participation is voluntary.

See if CMS is compulsory for your programme in the course description for project-oriented courses.

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Last Updated 17.03.2021