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Master’s thesis workshop

Date: May 18th 2021
Time: 16.15 – 17.00 
Location: Zoom at

Please check your Master’s Thesis Blackboard page for more information on how to join the workshop.
The workshop will be recorded and uploaded after the event.

Part 1
The first part of workshop aims to inform about the formal rules and procedures concerning:
- registration and application for a supervisor and topic 
- deadlines to meet
- the writing process and the requirements concerning the formal structure of the thesis
- supervision

Part 2
In the second part the students are introduced to:
- the library resources (e.g. databases, workshops, thesis writing environment)
- how to make focused and delimited literature search

Part 3
The third part aims to help the students understand and become aware of
- the different research genres
- what a good research question is and how to formulate a more precise research question
- the standard content of an academic paper and how knowledge is produced
- the potential problems and points to pay attention to in the writing process

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