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General academic competences

When you work with different academic challenges and tools, you acquire general academic competences. Often it is not the product that’s being evaluated, but your capacity to critically reflect on the process you have gone through, including how you have approached challenges during the process.

What are my general academic competences?
Through your programme you’ll acquire among others the following general academic competences: 

  • being able to isolate, define and analyze a problem by using relevant academic theories and methods
  • being able to systematize complex knowledge and data and select and prioritize that which is important for the subject matter
  • being able to critically assess the various theories and methods in the academic field
  • being able to apply concepts precisely and consistently and being able to engage in dialogue and argue on a fundamental theoretical basis
  • being able to  critically assess sources and document them
  • being able to convey professional problems and solutions in a way that make them relevant and understandable to various segments
  • being able to handle complex and development-oriented situations and cooperate with others, including being able to both give and accept constructive criticism
  • being able to work independently, disciplined, structured and goal-oriented, as well as keep  deadlines and  formalities 

Read more about your general academic competences in your curriculum.

Do you need help expressing your competences?

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