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Subject specific competences

The subject specific competences are the competences that are unique to your programme. They are the ones that separate your professionalism from other programmes’ professionalism, If you’d like a career in research or teaching in your field, then it is among other the subject specific competences you’ll be drawing on.

What are my subject specific competences?

The subject-specific competence objectives relate to the programme’s academic core competences and are divided into knowledge, skills and competences according to the “New Danish qualifications framework for higher education”.

Knowledge and Understanding


  • must possess knowledge of one or more subject areas which, in selected fields, is based on the highest international research within tourism studies
  • must be able to understand and, on a scientific basis, critically reflect on the knowledge of the subject area(s) as well as to identify scientific issues
  • must be able to delimit and define a research or project task at a high scientific level within the field of tourism studies.


Graduates must be able to:

  • master the scientific methodologies and tools relevant to tourism studies
  • master general skills related to work within tourism and related areas
  • use Participatory Inquiry as an inquiry based learning process that interweaves Knowing, Doing, Making and Relating and leverages the participatory nature of communicative interaction between people.


Graduates must be able to:

  • manage work situations and developments that are complex, unpredictable, and require innovative models or solutions
  • enter into collaborative partnerships in different leaning environments, including being able to accept criticism of their own work, give constructive criticism to others and assume professional responsibility
  • independently take responsibility for his/hers own professional development, learning and specialisation in the field of tourism
  • pursue an inquiry by moving from experiment to experiment as they open up and explore a range of perspectives on that inquiry.

Do you need help determining your competences?

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