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Your recommended course of study indicates when you're able to choose electives.

Electives at the Faculty of Science

All courses offered by the Faculty of Science which aren't mandatory according to the programme regulations have been pre-approved as elective courses. However, you have to be aware of any entry requirements or prerequisites for taking the course. Any such prerequisites will be listed in the course description.

Individual projects

Elective ECTS can also be spent on doing individual study activities or company projects.

Remember to read the course description before signing up for a project, as the projects have different prerequisites, ECTS weightings and evaluation methods. Also make sure you have an informal agreement with a project supervisor before signing up.

Elective core modules

Several study programmes at the Faculty of Science feature a number of elective core modules, in which case you will be asked to choose elective courses from a small pre-defined list.

Any such modules are listed in your recommended course of study.

Courses under another faculty or at another university

You may apply for pre-approval to take an elective under another faculty at SDU or at another university. However, you may do so only if the courses in question are relevant to your programme and fit into your course of study.

General rules and regulations concerning courses at another faculty or at another university

Can I change electives?

You may change electives until three weeks after the semester has started if three criteria are met:

  • There must be free places on the course you wish to take
  • There mustn't have been any tests in the course you wish to quit
  • The teacher of the course you wish to take to must approve your application

You also have the opportunity to changes courses within in an elective core module. The same deadlines and criteria apply here.

Contact Student Services - Registration and Legality via SPOC as soon as possible after the semester has started if you wish to change electives. After three weeks, you are bound to the course.

Student counsellors Faculty of Science University of Southern Denmark
  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: +45 6550 4387

Last Updated 17.08.2017