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Company project

There are many reasons why doing a company project as part of your course of study is a good idea. The aim is to ensure that you are given the chance to test and practice your theoretical skills in a practical setting, experience what it is like to actually solve a problem in reality, and start building a professional network.

Numerous studies show that such work experiences will make you a much more attractive job applicant once you have graduated.

How does a company benefit from a company project?

A company project is not only good for you; it also benefits the company/organisation. As a student, you will provide the company/organisation with a fresh view of things, based on the newest theories and methods. Thus, a company project is a chance for the company/organisation to gain access to the latest research in their field and to be looked over by your unprejudiced scrutiny.

Planning a company project

The first step towards a successful company project is planning.

You should start planning your project in good time as you must enter into a formal agreement with a company/organisation and a supervisor from SDU before registering for the project.

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