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Student counselling

In order for you to help yourself, we have compiled an overview of common situations and frequently asked questions. If you do not find a question of relevance to you, below is an overview of ways to get counselling at SDU:

Counselling at the Faculty of Science

...if you need counselling on rules, regulations and procedures that apply to students at the Faculty of Science.

Student counsellors at the Faculty of Science

General study and career counselling

...if you need counselling on the overall study conditions at SDU (change of programme, leave of absence, doubts about choice of programme, study techniques, motivation, study skills, thesis writing) and career planning (competency assessment and job search assistance).

General study counselling
General career counselling

Get help!

It doesn’t matter where you ask for help, but that you do ask for help! Being a university student means that studying is your responsibility. And if things do not go according to plan or if you need guidance, it is up to you to ask for help.