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General information on credit transfer

You need apply for credit transfer...

1. If you wish to take courses that are not pre-approved

You must apply for preliminary credits if you wish to:

  • study abroad; please also see the Study abroad pages
  • take courses at another Danish university as part of your SDU programme
  • take courses at SDU other than those which are part of your programme or have been preapproved by your study board

Before you apply for preliminary credits, you must consult your programme regulations. Here you can often read recommendations, for example, about when it would be most appropriate for you to study abroad. If necessary, contact a student counsellor for help with your application.  

You also need to be aware of the following guidelines: 

  • If you wish to replace mandatory courses in your SDU programme, you must find courses which comply with the course description of the course in question. The courses must have the same ECTS weighting as the courses you wish to replace.
  • If you wish to have a course preapproved as an elective, there are fewer restrictions. However, the elective course must still be within the framework of your programme.
  • The courses must be at the same academic level as your SDU programme: i.e. at either Bachelor or Master level.
  • Be aware of the active enrolment requirement of passing at least 45 ECTS each year. That is why it is advisable to find and specify several options and combinations if you are not certain of being accepted on the courses of your choice.
  • If the academic content of a course overlaps with a constituent course in your programme or a course which you have already passed, you cannot have it preapproved as an elective or transfer credits for it.
  • Once they have been approved, you can only make changes to your preliminary credits if, due to exceptional circumstances, you are not able to take the course(s) in question. In such case, please apply for a change to your preliminary credits as soon as possible.

We recommend you to apply for preliminary credits in good time before the relevant course registration period: 20-30 May for autumn courses and 20-30 November for spring courses.

Please expect a casework time of up to 8 weeks.

Following the meeting of the study board, you will receive a decision. You can use this for:

  • Enrolling into courses at SDU by contacting Student Services via SPOC
  • Enrolling into courses at other universities in Denmark or abroad.
  • Having a Learning Agreement signed by contacting Student Services via SPOC

Please contact the student counsellors at the Faculty of Science if you have any questions regarding deadlines and application procedures.

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2. If you wish to transfer credits for pre-approved courses

Once you have passed a courses for which you have received preliminary credits, you must send any relevant documentation, e.g. a certificate/diploma, to Registration & Legality via SPOC.

It is important that the courses appearing from your certificate/diploma are identical with the courses for which you received preliminary credits. If the Registration & Legality cannot recognise your courses, your credits will not be immediately granted, and you will be asked to prove that the courses which you have passed correspond to the courses for which you received preliminary credits.

If you have studied any courses abroad, please enclose a grading scale from your host university which states what grade is required to pass a course. However, credit for courses passed abroad will be transferred with the grade stated as Pass/Fail.

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3. If you have previously completed another Master programme

If you have previously completed another Master programme, you may apply to have one or more courses credited as part of your new study programme. 

In general, you can apply for a transfer of credits if you have passed a course corresponding to a course in your new programme.

If you want credits for a mandatory course, you must have passed courses which comply with the course description of the course in question.

If you want credit for an elective course, there are fewer restrictions. However, the course must fit within the framework of your SDU programme.

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4. If you have previously been enrolled in another Master programme without completing it

If you have previously passed courses in another Master programme without completing the programme, you MUST apply for starting credits.

Your application must contain the following:

  • You must provide information about any previous Master programmes in which you have been enrolled
  • You must enclose a transcript of records for any Master level courses you have previously passed
  • You must enclose a course description or curriculum describing the academic content and level of the courses you have passed

The above also applies if you do not wish to have the courses credited.

You must submit your application as soon as possible and no later than one month after commencing your Master programme. This is because you might get credit for courses in the 1st semester and consequently not be required to sit exams in those courses.

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Requirements for your application

  • Go to the electronic forms system and choose the appropriate form.
  • Fill in the form according to the instructions.
  • Enclose any relevant course descriptions, programme regulations, and, in case of credit transfers, a transcript of records. If you have more than one enclosure, you can join them into one PDF file with advantage.

You might be asked to provide the Study Board with additional information. In order not to prolong the casework time, please include all relevant information when submitting your application.

Practical information, guidance etc.

Please contact the student counsellors at the Faculty of Science if you need any guidance in relation to your application.

Alternatively, if you wish to apply for pre-approval of a course, please contact the responsible teacher if you have any questions regarding the academic content of the course. The name of the responsible teacher is stated in the course description of each particular course.

Applying for credit?

University of Southern Denmark continuously checks the documentation for courses taken at other institutions.