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Information for all new Msc. students in the Public Health Science Programme

Study Start 2021

Information about study start activities will be made available here during the Summer.

Bridging Course

Find information about the Bridging Course here.

Teaching schedules
You can find your personal schedules on itslearning. The schedules will also be available here

Books can be bought online in the bookstore at SDU in Odense. The books can be delivered to your home or to the library at SDU Esbjerg (free of charge). On the bookstore's website you can find a list of books for your programme. Detailed information about literature will be made available in itslearning.

Other relevant information
Further information on curriculum and regulations, exam schedules, internship etc. can be found here.

Student advisor
Our student advisors are public health students employed by the Faculty of Health Sciences to answer the questions you may have in connection with your studies such as choice of specialisation, elective modules, transfer of credits, application for exemptions etc. For contact information etc., please click here.

Further information
Please find all general information from SDU such as study techniques etc. here.

Public Health Study Administration
Study Programme Coordinator:
Janne Krogh, 6550 4216

Study Secretary:
Sabine M. Talbot, 6550 9623

Last Updated 05.05.2021