Job and Career Opportunities

A demand for skilled, educated postgraduates with insight into European and regional problems will arise in the coming years. European Studies postgraduate job options are versatile. We expect there will be jobs within the fields of:
- public administration, e.g. developmental departments in regions and municipalities
- secretarial functions and developmental projects in regional forums of growth
- cooperative organisations between trade organisations and public authorities regionally, nationally and internationally
- educational institutions, including universities
- private players and companies, including consultant companies and NGOs

The graduates may also be able to find jobs in European and international cooperative organisations, e.g. with:
- the European Union
- The European Summit
- the OECD
- the OSCE

and regional cooperational institutions which work with European or transnational problems such as:
- The Baltic council
- The Nordic Counsel
- The Central European Initiative
- The Alp-Adriatic cooperation and similar.

Also, there will be relevant possibilities of employment in one of the more than 150 different institutionalised or formalised across-border collaborations in Europe.

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