Your degree qualifications are those competences that are unique to your particular degree programme. They are what you have learned in the courses you have taken and the knowledge you have gained from them.

A graduate with a Master's degree in Computer science has knowledge of:

  • a selection of specialized models and methods developed within computer science, including some from the research frontier of the field
  • computer science models
  • methods aimed at applications in other subjects and disciplines.

The graduate has expert knowledge, based on the highest international level of research within the field of computer science, of a selected area of study.

The graduate has the competence to independently describe, analyse, and solve advanced problems in computer science using the acquired models.

The graduate has the competence to analyse advantages and drawbacks of different computer science methods, also within professionally and academically complex areas, as well as the competence to develop new variants of the acquired methods, if required by the problem at hand.