Engineering Students of Southern Denmark

  • SIF engages in political work internally at the Faculty of Engineering through the Academic Council and dialogue meetings between the faculty heads and students.
  • SIF cooperates with other student organizations, i.e. Syddanske Studerende, to secure a better University of Southern Denmark for all students.
  • SIF is involved in national and international meetings with similar organizations in NORDTEK. SIF is the voice of the students in the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) through the List of the Danish Engineering Students.
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SIF is active culturally and socially by arranging parties, quizzes and the football tournament “Bold & Band-dag”. This work is done through a lot of different SIF Committees, covering the students’ leisure activities.

Fraktalet arranges parties, SIF Musik provides the students with the opportunity to play music together in the music room, SIF Udlejning offers various kinds of equipment for students to loan or rent, such as barbecue equipment, music equipment and tents. For more information, please consult our website at

As a member of SIF, you can apply for a study trip grant when your class is going on a study trip, equaling 500 DKK per student. Furthermore you get discounts on parties, quizzes and much more! You can actually make money by being a member of SIF!

Membership subscription and contact
To become a member of SIF, you have to pay membership fee online through the website At you can read much more about SIF, the persons carrying the organization, and the events we create.  To keep tabs on everyday life at the Faculty of Engineering, follow our Facebook page.

SIF has open office hours every Wednesday from 11:45-12:15, where service and answers to general questions can be provided. Contact us at