Application forms and other forms

Application forms to the Academic Study Board:

Digital Application Forms:  

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Click HERE for:

  • Application for Pre-Approval of Credit Transfer - Denmark 
  • Application for Pre-Approval of Credit Transfer - Abroad
  • Application for Credit Transfer for courses passed in Denmark 
  • Application for Credit Transfer for courses passed abroad 
  • Application for Special Examination Conditions
  • Application for Extra Examination Attempts
  • Application for Inactivity/First Year Exam/Maximum Study Period
  • Application of Exemption from the Deadline for Registration or De-registration for Courses
  • Exemption from Prerequisites
  • Exemption from the Curriculum - Other

Click HERE for:

  • Application for Approval of Individual Study Activity
  • Amendment of a Degree Finishing Project Contract (Thesis, Bachelor Project, Final Project)

    Non-digital Application Forms:

    • Agreement on In-Company Project at the MSc (Eng) programmes - (word) (pdf)

    Non-digital applications, questions re. applications as well as supplementary documentation, should be submitted to  Remember to use your SDU-mail address, otherwise we cannot be sure about your identity.

    Application Procedure

    The dates for the meeting sessions of the Academic Study Board can be found  here.

    Your complete application, including all attachment, must be received by the Secretariat of the Academic Study Board at least 6 working days prior to a meeting of the Board.

    NB: If  you apply for dispensation due to illness, the medical certificate - which you must pay for yourself - must include the following information:

    1. Your diagnosis, when possible
    2. A short description of the course of treatment
    3. Coherence between the period of illness and the concrete circumstances, you are applying a dispensation from. It is important, that the physician states, whether you have been atttended to before the date of completion of the medical certificate
    4. A description of how the illness has affected/affects your ability to study in the semesters relevant for your application.

    You can expect to receive the decision in your matter within 10 working days after the meeting of the Academic Study Board has been held. The decision will be sent to your SDU-mail address.

    Project- og Thesis Contracts

    Click HERE for:  

    • Contracts for Final Project (Bachelor of Engineering), Bachelor Project (Bachelor of Science) and Master's Thesis (Master of Science)
      • Please find instructions re. Final Project here
      • Please find instructions re. Bachelor Project here
      • Please find instructions re. Master's Thesis here
    • Contract Supplement for Thesis (Master of Science)

      Other documents:

    Other forms

    • Form for Project Title/Reciept - (pdf) (word)