cand.oecon. Finance and Economics

Autumn 2017/spring 2018   

Changes may occur before semester start. 

Please note that this profile was offered for the last time in spring 2017.

Constituent, compulsory courses:
Advanced Corporate Finance (autumn)
Derivatives and Risk Management (autumn)
Asset Pricing (spring)
Master's Thesis (autumn) / Master's Thesis (spring)

Constituent, elective courses (min. 30 ECTS) chosen among the following:
Advanced International Macroeconomics and Trade (autumn)
Dynamic Corporate Finance and Investments (autumn) 
Industrial Organization (spring)
Management Accounting (autumn)
Real Options and Managerial Incentives to Invest (summer school June/July)
Topics in  Finance (spring)

30 ECTS elective courses (social science)
Chosen among all the graduate courses offered by The Academic Study Board of Economics and by The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.

Link to list with all graduate courses.

In this category you may also choose further courses among the constituent elective courses.

As a rule, elective courses from other higher educational institutions will be part of the social science elective subjects. Remember to apply for preapproval at the academic study board.