Course Registration

1. It is your responsibility to enrol in courses

It is your responsibility to enrol in courses, including assignments and projects, for the coming semester.

Registration period
You enrol in courses through the Student Self  Service

  • Between May 20th-30th for the courses in the autumn semester.
  • Between November 20th-30th for courses in the spring semester.

You’ll get an e-mail on your student e-mail , when you’re getting closer to the registration period.

2. Course registration means exam registration

When you have signed up for courses, you are automatically signed up for the examination in the course.

3. You cannot cancel your course registration

When you have enroled in courses, you cannot cancel it again – not even if you have signed up for more than the recommended 30 ECTS per semester. 

The rules for electives are different. You have the option to change your elective until 3 weeks after the start of the semester. If you wish to so, you must contact Registration and legality.

4. Which courses do you need to enrol in?

As a rule, you should sign up for courses placed in the coming semester according to the process model. Please note, that in case of changes you must follow the latest version of  a course, unless other provisions have been stipulated. You can see changes in the process model

5. If it doesn't go as expected: individual study plan

If you are delayed in your programme e.g. due to not passing examinations in previous semesters, it may be a good idea to enrol in courses in a different order than planned, i.e. making an  individual study plan.

6. Do you need to be withdrawn from courses/examinations? Apply for exemption

If exceptional circumstances apply to your situation, and it means that you need to have course or exam registrations cancelled, you must apply for exemption

                 Do you have questions about course registration?    

➤ Contact The Student Guidance Service.

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