Your degree qualifications are those competences that are unique to your particular degree programme. They are what you have learned in the courses you have taken and the knowledge you have gained from them.

A graduate with a Master's degree in Biology has in-depth and detailed knowledge of fundamental theoretical concepts and experimental methods in the field of biology.

The graduate has detailed knowledge of the topics of the research carried out by the staff at the Department of Biology and other similar research institutions. The graduate has expert knowledge of a well-defined area of research within the field of biology.

The graduate has specific skills in conceptualizing problems relating to the central disciplines of biology by applying biological thinking, reasoning, and technical terms, as well as planning and carrying out advanced biological laboratory and field work.

The graduate's competences entail that he/she is able to contribute to the generation of new scientific insights or to the innovation of new applications of results from research in biology.

The graduate can put professional and academic insights into perspective and evaluate the interaction between biology and development of history, culture, and technology.