Your degree qualifications are those competences that are unique to your particular degree programme. They are what you have learned in the courses you have taken and the knowledge you have gained from them.

A graduate with a Master's degree in Applied mathematics has knowledge of:

  • advanced models and methods in applied mathematics, including some from the research frontier of the field
  • knowledge of the application of these models
  • methods to problems pertaining to other scientific areas and to the business world.

The graduate has skills in using computer calculations as a tool to carry out scientific investigations and in planning and performing calculations, usually computer-based, using mathematical models.

The graduate has skills in solving scientific problems by using a combination of theory, numerical simulation, and experiments, as well as in developing new variants of the acquired methods, if required by the problem at hand.

The graduate is able to make contributions to the generation of new scientific insights or to the innovation of new applications of research within the field.