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Educational quality

In order to monitor, ensure and develop educational quality in accordance with the University of Southern Denmark's quality policy, a number of activities take place regularly on the Faculty of Engineering’s programmes. All activities at the Faculty of Engineering are discussed by the education committee for each programme, as well as at annual status reviews between programme, department and faculty management.

Read more about the work with educational quality (link opens as a danish PDF file) at the Faculty of Engineering and the faculty’s coordination group for educational quality.

In addition to constant monitoring of key figures (link opens as a danish PDF file), other quality indicators and ad hoc analyses, the following are systematically implemented for each programme:

  • A continuous and close dialogue with the business community concerning current and future needs of employers through the faculty's advisory boards.
  •  A final dialogue with students from each programme on their last semester through final evaluations of entire programmes.
  • Constant focus on the pedagogical level and competence development of the faculty’s teachers through updated teaching portfolios for each teacher. The teaching portfolio (link opens as PDF file) is part of the employees’ annual performance and development reviews (MUS).
  • Constant focus on the students’ experiences of the physical and psychological study environment through biennial study environment surveys.
  • Constant focus on the students’ experience of Study Start through annual Study Start surveys.
  • An annual welcome survey for new students. The survey focuses on marketing, the Study Start’s introductory days and any other aspects.
  • A biannual count of all teaching and guidance activities on each programme. This is partly to ensure that the number of teaching periods determined by the Ministry is complied with, and partly to monitor the students’ workload in relation to the ECTS-weighting of the individual disciplines on a constant basis. A programme-related count can be seen at
  • A biennial detailed and programme-related review of the programme’s status in relation to the University of Southern Denmark's sub-policies at status reviews between the individual programme management, department management and faculty management.
  • A regular dialogue with the students through the student union and SIF.

The Director of Studies for the Faculty of Engineering has the overall responsibility for the educational quality of the faculty. The daily coordination, facilitation, monitoring and development of educational quality is carried out via the TEK educational quality group.

Last Updated 08.11.2018