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Exchange in USA

After I first applied for preapproval of the chosen courses at ISU and had been through the mill with visa applications etc. I was really excited! But I don't think I realised what I had got myself into until I was sitting in the airport waiting to board.
To be without your family, friends and boyfriend for 6 months is heartbreaking and I am thankful for the technological age, and for the invention of Skype. But as time quickly passes you realise which friends are really there for you every single day when you would like to talk about your experiences.

New friends
My stay in Ames, Iowa in the USA has been a huge experience on both a professional and personal level.
At Iowa State University I was placed in an apartment with an Australian and an American girl. The neighbourhood was also full of other international students which has made me realise how similar all people (students) are all over the world. We have the same worries and problems in life. It was also interesting to see how we all knew the same songs and TV series, thanks to the Americanisation of the west - although I'm thankful that cowboy boots and country music haven't crossed the Atlantic!

Inspiring new knowledge
I was able put together subjects which best suited my interests which is reflected in the grades I came home with. I also gained insight into how different the building culture is from the 'greenest' country to the American standard. I must confess that I was deeply shocked: the insulation requirements for an American house aren't legal for even a summerhouse in Denmark.

Unforgettable experiences
When I look back on my trip, I think of the friends I made from over the whole world, who I will definitely be visiting, and our first Mug-Night Thursday evening in town. I remember the fantastic professors who took me in and made me feel welcome and people from the class. I remember the beautiful surroundings with autumn's fantastic colours on the trees and the first snow.
I have absolutely no regrets about my decision to spend a semester abroad. I looked forward to being on Danish soil again but now when I sit and look through my pictures, I wish I was back in little Ames in Iowa.

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Last Updated 05.09.2018