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Exchange at a partner university

As an engineering student, you can study abroad for one semester both during bachelor and master programs. For bachelor students it is possible to do exchange during the 5th. semester and for master students during the 3rd. semester. Undergraduate students must have passed 90 ECTS in order to go for exchange. Graduate students must have passed 30 ECTS.

You will have to start planning the exchange a couple of semesters before and in particularly pay attention to the application deadlines

It is possible to apply for a partner university in either Europe, Scandinavia or Overseas and it is always free to study at a partner university even the very prestigious ones. In any case, the partner university must offer courses in English with a good match to your study program.

Depending of your study program there can be mandatory courses that you have to follow at the partner university. Take care, as your chosen course package has to be approved by the TEK Academic Study Board before you go. Also, have in mind that your study semesters must match the academic calendar at the partner university.

Read more about relevant partner universities here

First, you should go carefully through the general webpages for Study Abroad.

Then look out for the Study Abroad Information Meeting arranged by the Faculty of Engineering, which is held twice a year in February and September.

The next step will be your considerations about where in the world to go and afterwards to find out which relevant partner universities are located here. A university is relevant if it can provide a course package of 30 ECTS, which can be approved for your study program. Talk to your Programme Coordinator about how to choose courses for your specific program.

After submitting your application, SDU International will start the nomination process. The study places at each partner university will be allocated to the students with the best average grade from their bachelor studies. There are always a limited number of places at each university, which is why most students apply for more than one university and sometimes up to more than ten.

For a detailed overview of the process of studying abroad for engineering students you are advised to look at the following link in the boxes:


Partner universities

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