Summer courses for TEK-students

Summer courses for TEK-students

Register for a summer course at our International Summer School, taking place on 3-14 August.

Summer courses at The Faculty of Engineering

REMEMBER! If you are going abroad during the fall semester, you must be sure that you can complete the summer course before departure. Check the semester start date on the host university's website before registering for the summer course.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, several courses will run online. For each course it will be stated whether the course is running either:

On campus only (Can only take place with physical attendance on campus. If the campus is closed at the time of Summer School, the course will be canceled)

Pure online (the course is only conducted as a pure online course)

Blended (the course is conducted as a course where students attend both on campus and online. If campus is not opened, the course is completed as purely online)

Selection criteria for summer course

After the registration deadline, an assessment and selection are made of the students who have registered for a summer course. The selection criteria can be found in the course description under Additional Information. If you did not get a seat on the course, you will be notified during the month of June.

Registration for summer course

The subject must be approved on your Curriculum. It is, if the summer course is available on your registration form in SPOC.

You can register for one course only, and if you wish to take a Summer Course that does not appear in the registration form, you must apply for preapproval of credit transfer with the Academic Study Board ( -> Academic Study Board -> credit -> Application for preapproval of credit transfer – Denmark) [usikker på, om det i parentesen skulle oversættes? - I øvrigt mangler der en ‘parentes slut’ på den danske version af siden]

NB! It is not possible to change Summer Course in the swap period, nor is it possible to deregister from the course.