Studying online at TEK

Structure your day

It is important to plan specific goals and activities during your day. It can be a good idea to consider how your day would have looked if you had been attending classes or group meetings at campus. Many teachers are placing their live teaching sessions at the same time as their campus classes would have been, or they are making videos and exercises available for that time.

Be realistic, prioritize the daily tasks and keep up with any information on Blackboard regarding deadlines and academic content. Ask for help if you need it, and use the framework which is made available to you by your teacher as regards asking questions and receiving supervision.

Remember to also plan when you are going to have a break, and when you are going to call it a day.

SDU Studie og Trivsel held this webinar, which can enlighten you as to how to structure your day.

Online learning

The online teaching is held either synchronously (e.g. through live sessions on Zoom or Teams), asynchronously (e.g. through videos or exercises on Blackboard) or as a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Participate in the classes

In order to get the full benefit from your online classes, it is important for you to keep up with information on Blackboard and participate in your classes within the framework set by your teacher. Both synchronous and asynchronous activities are valuable!

Communicate with your teacher

Physically, your teacher is a lot further away from you than usual, and that can be frustrating – both for you and your teacher. Please ask questions and provide feedback on the classes. Use the framework made available to you by your teacher.

Talk to your fellow students

It can be a good idea to meet with one or more of your fellow students to talk about today’s lessons. You will learn more by relating actively to the academic content.

Decorum for live teaching

  • Mute your microphone when you aren’t talking. Use the chat or ‘raise hand’ function to let the class know that you have a question or a comment.
  • Consider activating your camera to begin with so your teacher can see that you are there. If your internet connection is causing problems, or if your teacher asks you to, please deactivate your camera.
  • Be present. It can seem less obligating to participate because your teacher is on the other side of a screen. Tell yourself that you have taken the time out of your calendar to participate in class, so other activities need to wait.
Online groupwork

In those cases where part of the classes are tied to group work, it is important to make sure that the group’s collaboration works well, even though you can’t meet up physically. And for that reason it is very important to communicate, and perhaps in more detail than you are used to. It is also a good idea to write down any agreements, so you can return to them if you have any doubts.

Here are a few tips to doing group work digitally:

  • Plan and match expectations. Who will do what and when?
  • Set deadlines, preferably as virtual group meeting where each of you can present your work.
  • Make an agenda for each meeting.
  • Remember to be social 😊 Make sure that you have time to chat about how it’s going. You could also play an online game together.
Technical guides to Zoom and Teams

Technical guide to participating in a Zoom meeting (English)

Technical guide to participating in a meeting in Microsoft Teams (English)

Additional advice

Se flere gode råd på FAQ til studerende på SDU, som løbende opdateres med nye spørgsmål og svar.