International Internship - How to do it

If you already considered to study abroad at a partner university in your 5th. semester, you can still decide to go for international internship. In this way, you will be away for 2 semesters.

The internship is minimum 20 weeks (=100 wordking days) and starts normally on 1st February. During the internship you will follow the normal workhours in a company and will work with the assigned task agreed on.

Before you start to plan you international internship you should be familiar with the formal procedures for engineering internship. The Internship Concept describes the responsibilities and documentation.  The below steps will guide you through numerous practical details and deadlines you must attend to.

Internship step-by-step

Before internship

1. Information meeting about internship
In the beginning of your fifth semester, the Faculty of Engineering arrange an information meeting about internship. All students are expected to participate in this meeting. The meeting will be announced in your Blackboard Group.

2. Sign up for the internship via Student Self-Service
Deadlines will be announced via e-mail to students.

3. To find a Company for Internship
Finding an internship host abroad is your responsibility and your Internship coordinator must approve the company. TEK Internationalisation will be able to support you in the process of finding a company abroad.
4. Internship Contract
When you have come to an agreement with a company, you need to make a contract. Fill in the contract here.
Besides the formal information you will also have to fill in a short description of the task you will be assigned. Agree with the company upfront. Once filled in, the contract will automatically be sent to your internship coordinator and to your internship company. When it has been approved and you have been assigned an academic internship advisor from University of Southern Denmark, you will receive and email with a copy of your contract.
Never start your internship before a contract has been approved by all parties.

During the internship

5. Activity plan
Within the first two weeks you will have to send an activity plan to your internship supervisor at the faculty. The activity plan must reflect the main objectives of your internship period and you will have to make it together with the internship Company.

6. Internship survey
Both you and the company will have to fill in a short survey during the internship period. It will be sent by E-mail halfway during the internship.

After the internship

7. Declaration of Completion of Internship
After your internship, the internship company must fill in a ‘Declaration of Completion of Internship’ declaring whether your internship has been completed in accordance with the agreements you initially made. You will receive the declaration together with your contract and it must be handed in to your internship supervisor after the internship.

8. Internship report
Following, you must write a report on your internship. The report must be handed in to your internship supervisor no later than 8 February / 11 August, depending on whether your internship was completed in the spring or autumn semester. The internship supervisor will subsequently inform you whether the report has been approved or whether it needs changes/additions. You will then have a week to make any changes and additions.

9. Final Evaluation
Approximately three weeks after the start of the semester following your internship period, a final evaluation will take place for students, internship coordinator and internship supervisors. Attendance is mandatory for students.

10. Approval
On the basis of your internship report and the final evaluation, the internship supervisor will assess whether your internship can be approved. The supervisor must communicate this to the STADS/ examination office no later than 20 March / 25 September.

For international internship also consider

Use the following check-list to help you remember important considerations when going for international internship.

  1. What about my SU. Check out
  2. Grants and scholarships. Search out the internet or “Legathåndbogen”. Through the Faculty of Engineering you can apply for several scholarships.
  3. Rent out your room or apartment through SDU Housing?
  4. Accommodation abroad. Ask your internship company if they can support you.
  5. Social security and Insurance. It is your responsibility to be insured against illness, theft and liability during your internship. We strongly advise you be informed at and through your insurance company.
  6. What kind of visa is required? Contact the embassy of the country where you are going or ask the internship company for support. For Australia and USA expect the time of issuing to be quite long.
  7. Vaccinations and other medical recommendations for your internship country. Contact your doctor.
Finding a company abroad

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