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Engineer Internship

The mandatory sixth semester internship is about practicing what you have learned - the theory must now be tested in relation to the concrete challenges in a company. It is an exiting period, where the key word is development. You will get a solid understanding of the tasks that your future career will revolve around. Exactly this is the core of the Bachelor of Engineering programme: you don't just study the theory - you get to use it simultaneously. 

Your development
As an intern you get extensive experience in the functioning of a company at many levels. The tasks that you will be given corresponds with the knowledge you have and the way you want to further develop your professional skills.. You will be become even better at communication, planning, development and completing assignments you have already been introduced to during earlier projects and lectures.

International Internship
As a bachelor of engineering student you can choose to spend your mandatory sixth semester internship abroad. There are many good reasons for doing so: you get international experience, you prove that you can manage on your own in a foreign professional and cultural context, your linguistic skills are trained and last, but no least it is of great value to be able to refer to this experience in your CV in relation to future job applications.

Remember internship contract
You are not allowed to begin your internship before you have signed an internship contract between The Faculty of Engineering, your internship company and yourself. It is your responsibility to arrange this contract, but your internship coordinator can help you. Sometimes your internship company will have additional contracts you need to sign as well.

A springboard
Internship can also function as a springboard to new ideas for your bachelor's thesis. Many students cooperate with their former internship hosts when carrying out their bachelor's thesis, and there are even numerous examples of internships resulting in permanent jobs for the interns after their graduation. The tendency is clear: engineers are in increasing demand - this could be you.

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