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Exam Schedules

Timetable and Updates

The timetable for the oral exams is announced in Digital Exam when the exam is visible for you in Digital Exam. A notification is sent to your student mail, when an exam is visible for you in Digital Exam. Please remember to show up early!

The exam schedule/timetable may change. Therefore, it is important that you keep yourself updated by checking Digital Exam.

Please remember to check the full exam schedule, given that many exams take place over more days.
The term “combined test” may cover several examination types. Please, check the course description for precise information concerning the exam in question.

Procedure for Registration for Re-exams

You should register for re-exams/make-up exams via the student self-service,, during the registration period

  • 1-20 January for re-exams in the winter examination period (=February)
  • 1-20 June for re-exams in the summer examination period (=August). 

You can register for re-exams if you have been registered for tuition and the ordinary exam in the course in the same semester. It is advisable that  you register for re-exams in all your courses, as late registration cannot be guaranteed.

You can register for re-exams even though you have not received the result of the ordinary exam yet. If you pass the ordinary exam, your re-exam will be annulled by the office Educational Law and Registration. 

Registration for the re-exams is binding. Withdawal requires a dispensation by the Academic Study Board.


Your grades will be visible at the student self-service,, when registered.
It may take up to 4 weeks from the written exam/deadline for hand-in of your assignment (exams which are evaluated based on the written assignment only) before the grades are visible. For degree finishing projects, such as the Master's Thesis, it can take up to 6 weeks from the submission deadline of the report to the exam.

Exam Rules

It is important for you to read and understand the general examination rules in due time before the examination just as we recommend you to read the information “Are you ill and have an exam coming” and “Cheating in Exams” also available on this page.

To access this information in Danish, please click Dansk in the right side of the top menu.

Technical guides to online exams

Technical guides to online exams are located here.

Exam Plans

You find the exam plans below. The final exam plans for the coming examination period are approved by the Academid Study Board at the start of May and December, respectively. Until then you can see the preliminary exam plans.


Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

Global Management and Manufacturing

BSc in Engineering

Engineering, Innovation and Business
Product Development and Innovation

MSc in Engineering

Environmental Engineering
Engineering, Innovation and Business
Operations Management
Physics and Technology
Robot Systems (Advanced Robotics Technology/Drone Technology)
Product Development and Innovation
Software Engineering
Cheating in Exams

If you cheat in exams - you're cheating yourself. Don't do it.

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Are you ill and have an exam coming?

Follow up on the SDU regulations on what to do.

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