Danish Internship - How to do it

Finding an internship host is your own responsibility. Whether before, during or after your internship there are numerous practical details and deadlines you must attend to. Therefore, read this page thoroughly - use it as a guide, where you can find links to relevant documents and use it as a checklist.

Like any other internet based information source, this page is also updated regularly. Therefore, if you print this page as a check list, you should remember to review the actual page regularly to see if it has been altered.

Before the internship

1. Information meeting about internship 
In the beginning of your fifth semester, the Faculty of Engineering holds an information meeting about internship. All students are expected to participate in this meeting.  The meeting will be announced in your Blackboard group.

2. To find a company for internship
Now you have to examine the different internship possibilities. Some companies advertise positions that any intern can apply for. But you can also contact a company on your own initiative: write and send an application and attach a CV. For your inspiration you can find a list of companies in your group in Blackboard. Please remember to register for internship in STADS self service.

3. Salary during internship 
Whether you are invited to an interview or not, you should settle the issue of your salary.

4. Internship Contract 
When you have reached an agreement with a company, you must complete an internship contract. Please fill in the contract through this link. Once the contract is filled in, it is automatically forwarded to your Internship coordinators as well as to your internship company for approval. Once approved by all parties and once you have been allocated an academic internship supervisor from the University of Southern Denmark, you will receive a copy of the complete contract.

Be aware that you are not allowed to begin your internship before you have signed an internship contract between The Faculty of Engineering, your internship company and yourself. Furthermore remember that you need to register for the internship (through Self-service).

5. Filing of your contract
Once the contract has been signed by the company, you will have to send it back to praktik@tek.sdu.dk, or hand it in at the Student Information at the Faculty of Engineering whereupon it is archived on your student file. You are responsible for getting the contract signed by the company. 

6. Internship supervisor
Furthermore, an internship supervisor will be appointed for you - generally a lecturer from your study programme.

7. Activity plan 
Together with the internship company and your internship supervisor you must make an activity plan that reflects the main objectives of your internship period

8. Work permission
If you are an international student, you are not allowed to work fulltime in Denmark. Therefore, you must apply for an extended work permit before starting your internship. Apply as soon as possible and at least 2 months in advance of your internship stay. For the application you must use the ‘Application Form B’, which you find on New to Denmark – Students – Extension. The application, including a copy of the contract between you and the internship company, can be submitted at the Office for Foreign Nationals at the train station in Odense. Note that from 1 January 2011 onwards, you must pay a fee in order for your application to be processed by the Danish Immigration Service.

9. 20 week internship
Finally, you complete the 20 week internship in the sixth semester.

After the Internship

1. Internship report
You must write a report of your internship to be handed in to your internship supervisor no later than 8 February / 11 August, depending on whether your internship was completed in the autumn or spring semester. Click this link to find more information on how to write an Internship report. The internship supervisor must approve or reject the report no later than 15 February / 18 August. If the report is rejected, you will have a week to make changes and additions.

2. Evaluation seminar
The majority of all students accomplish their internship during the spring semester and for those students a mandatory evaluation seminar will be held in the beginning of September. There will be no seminar for the few students who do their internship in the fall semester.

3. Approval of internship report
On the basis of your internship report (and the evaluation seminar), the internship supervisor will assess whether your internship can be approved. The supervisor must communicate this to the STADS/ examination office no later than 20 March / 25 September.

If you need further information, besides contacting the Internship coordinators, you can read the Internship Concept.



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