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The University Chaplains at SDU

Odense and Kolding

The University Chaplains at SDU Lene Crone Nielsen (SDU Odense) and Benjamin Thomas König (SDU Kolding)

As the University Chaplains at SDU we are available for personal conversations about whatever you need to talk about.

You are always welcome to contact us

Lene Crone Nielsen (SDU Odense): Telephone 29278713 or mail:

Benjamin Thomas König (SDU Kolding): Telephone: 21617674  or mail:


Often asked questions

A confidential space

 We offer a confidential space where you can air your thoughts with an impartial third party. This includes subjects such as: Doubt and uncertainty, loneliness, study crisis, stress, the feeling of not being good enough, sadness, problems in relationships with partners, family and friends, grief and loss - and anything else that affects your life. You decide what you want to speak about. No subject is too big or too small.

The University Chaplains are engaged by The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark, called Folkekirken

Learn more about us:

Where does the conversation take place?

In Odense, the conversations with Lene Crone Nielsen take place in her office at SDU Odense in room Ø2-207a-1.

In Kolding, the conversations take place with Benjamin Thomas König in his office, located at the address Nicolaiplads 2, 6000 Kolding.

It is also possible to arrange a conversation online via Zoom er by telephone. 

How long does a conversation last?

A conversation lasts approx. about an hour. There is always the option of more conversations if you need it.

Do the conversations cost anything?

No, the conversations are free.

Duty of confidentiality

We have an absolute duty of confidentiality and do not keep any medical records.

You do not have to be a believer

Everyone is welcome regardless of nationality or religious affiliation. Thus you do not have to be a member of the Danske Folkekirke or another religious denomination.

Book a conversation in Odense with Lene Crone Nielsen

Call: 29278713 or write to me via email:

I have an office in the premises: Ø3-303b-2 SDU Odense

Book a conversation in Kolding with Benjamin Thomas König

Call: 21617674 or write to me via email:

Remember we both have the option of conversations via Zoom or phone

You therefore do not have to come to Odense or Kolding if you need a conversation.

There is usually only a short waiting time

All students are welcome even if you do not study or live in Odense og Kolding.


Last Updated 20.05.2022