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When suspicion of cheating occurs

When suspicion occurs about one or more irregularities in an examination paper that you have submitted for evaluation the head of studies will be notified of the findings.  

If the findings are deemed as a shoddy job or an error, which has occurred because of a lack of knowledge of good academic practice, the head of studies may choose not to report the findings to the Vice-chancellor. Instead, the head of studies may choose to offer you guidance on good academic practice and customs.

If the head of studies choose to report you to the Vice-chancellor, you will receive a notification in your student email as soon as your case is handed over to Student Services (department which will process your case).

Once Student Services have had the opportunity to review the case materials, you will via your student mail be summoned to a meeting at Student Services. The meeting is the hearing of the parties which you are entitled to according to the Danish Public Administration Act. You can bring an observer to the hearing. Your head of studies and two representatives from Student Services will participate in the hearing on behalf of the Vice-chancellor. At the hearing, you will have the opportunity to comment on the findings. The case materials, which will be used in the decision made by the Vice-chancellor, will be presented to you prior to the hearing.

After the hearing, Student Services will forward the case materials, including your remarks, if any, to the Vice-chancellor. When the Vice-chancellor has reviewed the material, he will decide in the case (read more about customary practice here). You will receive the decision in your student mail. If you have any questions, you can contact Student Services. Contact information will evident from the notification you receive.

Last Updated 13.01.2019