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Student Self-service

Student self-service is a system in which you can retrieve information from the Study Administrative System (STADS) of SDU.

All information on your academic career is registered in STADS; for example your personal data, your study programme, exam results, exam registrations etc. Furthermore, you can renew your Student ID Card in Student self-service.

Logging in
Once you have logged into the student portal, you are automatically logged into self-service. Therefore, it is important that you log off the portal if you do not want to use self-service or some of the other facilities in the portal.

Please note: The first time you log into the self-service system, you will be introduced to the IT- guidelines of SDU. You may access the system as soon as you have read and accepted the guide lines.

Registration/withdrawal from exams and courses
Should you experience repeatable problems with your registration/withdrawal from exams and courses, please contact your examinations office within the registration and withdrawal dead lines - preferably by e-mail.

However, please note that operational issues are often short-termed, so it might be a good idea just to try again later. If you still have problems, it is important that you write down the exact time the occurrence of the problem and that you make a screen print of the fault page.

Support for Student self-service
If you have technical problems or problems with accessing Student self-service please contact Servicedesk.

Last Updated 21.07.2021