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Specifically for Thesis Students

Specifically for Thesis Students  

As a thesis student at SDU, you can use GDPR compliant software, so that you can safely store interviews, questionnaires, your thesis etc. And you can send large files.  


By using OneDrive, you can store data containing personal sensitive information in the Cloud. 

Also, you can share files, documents or folders with others and access your data outside SDU. You can do so by applying the OneDrive app for your mobile device or via your login in a browser.  



As a student at SDU you can send large files (i.e. files that are too large for our mail system/more than 20 Mb) for handing in your thesis or other assignments, which cannot be handed in via Itslearning or mail. 

Transfer large files securely between e.g. you and your supervisor: 



Of course, you can still use all other software that is available for you as a SDU student.  

Last Updated 21.07.2021