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Computerizing your writing and drawings

The University of Southern Denmark has tested a number of hand scanners and digital pens and found that the following models meet the demand:
Hand scanner: IRIScan Book 3
Digital pen: IRISnotes™ 2 Executive
Should you encounter urgent problems with your hand scanner or digital pen or other equipment for computerizing writing during your exam, it will be a hand scanner or digital pen of the above models which will be at your disposal.

Hand scanners and digitals pen can be purchased from the book shop (Studenterboghandelen) at SDU. On the Scribble download-page you can see the computer requirements for running SDU Scribble, in terms of Operating System.

Don't hesitate to contact Student Services at Campusvej if you need further details. Students in the campus towns outside Odense  can contact their local Servicedesk.

Last Updated 21.07.2021