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Facilities in Kolding


In the directory for SDU Kolding, you can download a map an calculate a route

Welcome to the canteen at SDU Kolding

The canteen offers a wide range of food at student friendly prices. You can buy today´s dish, salad bar, sandwiches and variety of snacks. The canteen is located on level 1 where you can enjoy your food. 

Opening hours

Monday - thursday 08.00-14.30


Saturdays 08.30-13.30


+45 65 50 14 44

Update concerningparking area 17.08.2020

Due to construction work, the parking area will be reduced to approximately 180 parking spaces. The construction work is expected to begin in week 36.

Parking on the gravel area requires parking permit.

Parking permits for students: Please use this form for application. Enter your full name, your SDU mail, your mobile number and your car's registration number. You will then receive a receipt for your parking permit.

Daily parking: If you do not have a digital parking permit, you can enter your registration number and mobile number on the Ipad at entrence C. You will then get a text message with your parking permit.

On paved parking area : 2-hour parking. A parking sticker is required to park in the space.

You can find the general parking rules and a map that shows parking options/restrictions here

Students can book rooms on MitSDU

Find more information regarding rules for the use of rooms online

Current rules for your stay at SDU Kolding

Where am  I allowed to smoke?

Read the university smoking policy and find the outdoor smoking shelter.

If you have lost or found property please contact Tecnical Services office at entrance C.  Lost property delivered in the office will be stored for a period of 3 weeks. After that the property will be forwarded to the Lost Property Office at the local police station.
Find  information about safety for students here

Technical Services

If you have questions or experience issues with the facilities, contact Technical Services at

For urgent or emergence contact, call 6550 8888. 
Emergency contact includes fire (here you must also call 112), running water, flooded basements and locked doors among others.

Read more about Technical Services.

Last Updated 21.07.2021