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Best election practices

The Election Secretariat is responsible for conducting elections and takes care of election support as well as administrative tasks regarding the election.

The Election Secretariat is impartial and does not interfere in the candidates'/lists' electoral campaigns or the election campaigns in general.

The Election Secretariat can assist you with, for example, publishing statements of the electoral lists on the election website, but the same rules, options and deadlines will apply to all involved lists/candidates.

Procedure for publishing list statements

The list statement may not exceed two A4 pages.

We recommend that you divide the list statement into sections. Use subheadings, bullet points etc.

The list statement must not contain images, links etc. It shall be used solely to present the list, its values and ambitions in relation to the election, so that voters can go to the polls on an informed basis.

When a list (upon publication of overviews of contested elections, uncontested elections and the cancellation of elections) asks the Election Secretariat to publish the list statement on the election website, the Election Secretariat will contact any competing lists and inform them about list A's request and give list B, C, D etc. 24 hours to announce their own statement, if they so wish. If the competing lists manage to submit their list statements before the deadline, the statements of all election lists for that sub-election will be uploaded to the website at the same time. Fair play!

Election campaigns

The Election Secretariat does not provide assistance with setting up polling booths, hanging up election posters, handing out flyers and the like.

However, please feel free to contact Technical Services at

Social media

It is only natural, perhaps even more so in these corona times, that the nominated candidates/lists/associations campaign on social media. Please maintain a civil tone. On social media, always stick to politics, not personal matters. In other words, play the ball, not the man.
If you feel that someone is taking the discussion too far or otherwise crosses the line, please contact the chairperson of the association in question. It is important that no one in connection with the election campaign feels named and shamed or otherwise personally offended on social media.

Last Updated 21.07.2021