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Student job, internship, master’s thesis – your career

You have many opportunities to embark on your career while studying

Student job

No matter what kind of student job you have (or would like to have), it's something you can add to your CV. It doesn't matter whether you are a cashier or a communication's  assistant, a student job adds value to your CV. 

Even if you do not work with the things you want to do as a graduate, take look around the company and be inspired. The student job is also a good starting point for expanding your network, which is an important source in your future job hunt and may give you access to other new opportunities. 

Are you looking for at student job? Find positions in our Job Bank and learn how to write a  CV and application in our guide.


Internship or project-oriented course

An internship is your opportunity to try out the theory from the books. A period in a company gives you new experiences, inspiration and a new network - and an internship looks good on your CV. 

Companies appreciate students who can look at their challenges with fresh eyes and come up with new ideas on how to solve them. Therefore, many companies are also interested in project-oriented courses with students. 

Note that the university does not hold lists of companies with internships.

Find positions and be inspired in our Job Bank


Agreements for internships and project-oriented courses

Both internships and project-oriented courses must be approved by the University.

Project-oriented courses last for two to six months, starting in September or February, and are typically unpaid. The duration and specific rules may vary, so ask the person responsible at your education.

After you have made an oral agreement with a company, you must also make a written agreement. Depending on the process at your study, you must send the agreement with your application for the internship or project. You may also need an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). See the templates here:  

Note! SDU is not a party in these agreements.
Note! All NDA's must be reviewed and legally approved through before SDU signs them.


Voluntary work

Like student jobs, volunteering is a good opportunity to gain experience for your CV and to expand your network. Sometimes, you can even get more responsibility than in an internship or student job.

In addition, you get the opportunity to test yourself in different situations and in that way get to know yourself and what you want – but just as important, what you don't want. 

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