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Write an unsolicited application

You can choose two approaches within the unsolicited application

Sniper-method: You target the application to a specific organization and/or position. This means that have to do the same research and work as if you are writing an ordinary application. You can read more about it here (link). Or maybe you choose to send a “sniper-application” after you have been to a coffee meeting (link).

Machine gun-method: As the name indicates, you can also just send applications to many organizations in the hope of hitting the right target. It is still very important to state in the application what you are good at and what you can offer.

You can also choose to combine the two methods – some of the applications are directed to specific organizations and others receive a more general application.

You should generally be extra mindful of stating what you can and what you want, In an unsolicited job application. Clarify which problems you would like to solve for them and state your area of expertise. Furthermore think about which tasks you can solve for them and in which field of work, and how/why you are worth the money.

The template below shows a how-to if you choose the “machine gun method”:


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Last Updated 21.07.2021