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How to call a company

Calling a company can be a challenge, but it pays off!

Why should I call them?

99% of companies think it’s a good idea for you to call about listed positions. Yet, 57% of companies say that less than every tenth of job applicants actually call them. So, if you call, you’ll stand out! (Source: Ballisager’s recruitment analysis).

So, you stand out when you call – and companies think it’s a good idea. But don't call just to call, if you don't have anything you want to ask them. You need to know why you are calling and what you want to ask them. Is there something in the job ad you wonder about? Look at the job ad like a detective. You could look for tasks that aren't prioritized, or maybe the wording isn't clear to you. 

You can use the knowledge you get from calling the company in your application – and thereby stand out from the other applicants. It helps you prioritize what is important to mention and which competences to highlight in your application.


How to call

It can be difficult to call a company and for many, it requires a lot of them. But by preparing yourself, you give yourself the best foundation for a good experience and making the most of the conversation.

Before you begin the actual preparation, think about: 

  • What would you like to achieve by calling?
  • Which impression of yourself would you like to leave?

Are you ready to start your preparation? We have helped you a little with 4 steps that will guide you through your preparation:


How do you ask questions?

There are many ways to ask questions and it is not unimportant how you express yourself. 

Try to look at the difference in these 2 ways of asking:

- As a new employee at your company, do you receive any training?
+What thoughts do you have on employee training?


-  How is the business going?
What is your company especially successful with right now?

Ask your questions so they encourage dialogue and makes them want to tell you more.


Example questions:

  • What does a typical work day look like?
  • What projects are you launching first?
  • What's the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?
  • What does it take to become successful in your company within 6 months?
  • Why is this job posted right now?
  • Which tasks will take up most time?
  • You write that I must be able  to do both X and Y – which do you find most important?
  • Which background/skills do the other employees have in the team I will be a part of? 

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