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Information you must include in your CV

You need to include some important information about yourself

Information you must include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone (Do you have a Danish phone number? Show it! It shows that you're living here and you're committed to staying)
  • Address

We see a lot of other examples of what to put in your CV, e.g. age, marital status, or how many children you have. What do you want to say with that information? And how do you think it's received? Always think about the signals you're sending. 

You can also put a link to your LinkedIn profile or your own website, as many employers read your CV and application on an electronic device. But make sure that your profile is updated and have the expression you want. What impression do you want them to have? Does it give that impression?



Do you have a picture of yourself in your CV? Have you thought about what it says about you?

In Denmark, it's very normal to have a photo of yourself in your CV. It makes a big difference to be able to put a face on the person you’re reading about. The most important thing to remember with a photo is to smile and generally look neat and natural. No-go’s are party pictures, “dating pictures” and pictures that are too posed. Also, don't use your passport picture. It's often too strict. 

A good rule to remember is: it should look like you on a normal work/study day. Maybe you can find out how they dress in the company? Consider matching your picture to this – if they wear shirts and ties, it might be a good idea to match that.

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Last Updated 25.07.2021