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Now you must concentrate on your tasks and assignments rather than routines, teamwork, and organization. You will experience that the teamwork is running smoothly and you talk less about how you are going to work in the study group. 

Everyone is contributing actively and you have faith in each other’s competences.

A study group is never static, but always in motion. That is why it is important that you remember to evaluate the teamwork and continue to challenge yourselves as a study group.

See Good advice on study group habits

The teamwork is running smoothly – What more can you use each other for in your studies?

You feel that the teamwork is running smoothly but you are still curious as to what more your teamwork can do.

Then it is a good idea to be curious about what each of you think about your teamwork so far, and what you would like more of or if you would like to introduce something new.

Try Should and would or Process check if you are curious about the status of the teamwork.

Breathe new life into study group meetings and get a break. You will feel ready to take on the meeting when your heads have gotten a little breathing space.

The material is made by The Student Guidance Service at the Faculty of Humanities based on Bruce Tuckman’s model “Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing.”
The exercises are made with inspiration from the books “Studiegruppen” by Annelise Dahlbæk and “Anerkendende procesøvelser” by Pia Halkier Bjerring & Annika Lindén.

Last Updated 12.09.2019