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Elective courses

The process model shows when you have electives during your programme.

Electives during your programme
A  range of electives will be available to you during your programme - see the list current courses here. Sometimes courses in other programmes are pre-approved as an elective in your programme. If this is the case the courses will appear on the list of current courses.

Electives from another programme or another university
You may also apply for pre-approval to take a course from another programme at SDU or at another university as your elective, if they have not been pre-approved already. However, you may only do so if the courses in question are relevant to your programme and are offered at a time that fits into your study plan. When you have found the course you want to take as you relective, you must apply for pre-approval with your study board - this is called preliminary credit.

Read more about the requirements for preliminary credit and how to apply here.


Can you change your elective?
You have the option of changing your elective until 3 weeks after commencement of the semester. If you wish to change your elective, you need to contact Registration and Legality.

                Do you have questions regarding electives and options?    

➤ Contact The Student Guidance Service.