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Elective courses

The process model shows when you have electives during your programme.

Consider what you want to learn and what you want to use your elective for
When you choose your elective there are many different factors to consider. To get the most out of your options, you can consider the following when you decide:

What do you want to learn? You may have a growing interest in a specific academic area that you want to explore more, or maybe you want to work with a specific method that is taught in a certain course.

Do you need specific courses to gain access to a specific Master´s programme? Some Master´s programmes have specific entry requirements that you can meet by taking specific electives. If you have a certain Master´s programme in mind, make sure to check if you need specific courses to gain access.

Take active part in the course you choose
When you have decided on a course, make sure to take active part in it. A course only has value, if you engage with the content and consider the connections with your other courses. The same thing applies when you are not able to get a spot in your dream course. There is certainly valuable learning to have either way, if you actively take control of your own learning in the course.


You are free to decide how you want to plan your electives during your programme. If you have a total of 10 ECTS electives, you can e.g. decide to take one course of 10 ECTS or two courses of 5 ECTS each. There may be specific conditions for electives in your programme that you need to make sure to meet when planning your electives.
A range of electives will be available to you during your programme - see the list of current courses here. Sometimes courses in other programmes are pre-approved as an elective in your programme. If this is the case the courses will appear on the list of current courses.

You may also apply for pre-approval to take a course from another programme at SDU or at another university as your elective, if they have not been pre-approved already.

However, you may only do so if the courses in question are relevant to your programme and are offered at a time that fits into your study plan. When you have found the course you want to take as your elective, you must apply for pre-approval with your study board - this is called preliminary credit.

Read more about the requirements for preliminary credit and how to apply here.

You have the option of changing your elective until 3 weeks after commencement of the semester. If you wish to change your elective you need to contact Educational Law & Registration.

If you want to chance your elective after the first 3 weeks, you need to apply for an exemption with your Study Board. Your request may not be granted.

It is more difficult to get an exemption to change your elective, if you have used examination attempts in the course.

Do you need help?

➤You can always contact The Student Guidance Service

Last Updated 22.09.2021