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Want to be enrolled in PreLaunch?

The PreLaunch Program is your first step into the Startup Station!

This intro program will help you set up your initial business strategy as a preparation to join the SDU Entrepreneurship Labs.

In the PreLaunch, you will work with different subjects to develop your business idea, such as user research, market validation, prototyping, team composition and business model canvas. It will all take place through a series of workshops facilitated by business developers from the SDU Entrepreneurship Labs.
Who can apply?

No matter whether you have worked with your idea for several months or just came up with it, we're ready to bring you forward, as long as...

... Your team has at least one SDU student or one alumni who has graduated from SDU within the last four months.

... You want to commercialize your idea.

Which track should I enroll in?

We have two tracks: The First-timer and the Up ’n Running track.

First-timer is for you who are at the very beginning of developing a business idea.
This track includes three workshops and a Business Pitch:

  • Workshop 1: PreLaunch Intro & User Research 
  • Workshop 2: Prototype & User Test
  • Workshop 3: Team & Business Model 
  • Business Panel Pitch Session

Up 'n Running  is for you if:

At least half of the members have completed at least one entrepreneurial course. Furthermore we expect that you have performed at least on of the following:

  • Have validated the business idea with potential customers.
  • Have tested a mockup with potential customers.
  • Have made your first sale already.

Each applicant for Up 'n running will be evaluated individually beforehand,  based on these criteria.

This track includes one workshop and a Business Pitch:

  • Workshop 1: PreLaunch intro
  • Business Panel Pitch session

For the workshops and the Business Panel Pitch, attendance is mandatory.


PreLaunch is organized four times a year and each batch lasts eight weeks. Check the next Pre-launch dates here:


Batch 8 - Application deadline: 1st of April 2021

Workshop 1: 6th of April at 15.00-18.00

Workshop 2: 26th of April at 15.00-19.00

Workshop 3: 18th of May at 15.00-18.30

Business Panel: 25th of May at 16.30-19.30


How to apply

Fill in your personal information (only set up one business case for your whole team)

  • Invite your team members so they can fill in their personal information too
  • Fill out the categories ’Purpose’, ’Resources’ & ’Business Idea’

That’s it! Apply here!

Pre-launch FAQ

Every team that has at least one SDU student or one alumni that has graduated from SDU less than 4 months ago can participate.


Right away! Our facilities are always available to you on weekdays from 08:00-18:00. If you want to use the prototyping facilities in makerspace you have to do the qualifying courses first.

YES! At least 50% of the team members in your team must be present in each activity.

Both courses are held in the room ThinkerSpace in Videnbyen, Cortex Park 26, 5230 Odense M.

You can book your course here.

You can…

  • … investigate the need – who has it and what is the key need?
  •  … make a Value Proposition Canvas.
  • … investigate the market – how big (in kr./€) and identify competitors – both nationally and internationally.
  • … consider whether you have the skills required for the next 6 months and start recruiting.
After having filled out the above-mentioned themes & clicked  ‘apply’, you are a part of our Pre-launch program.

7-14 days before the workshop series starts, you will get to know more through the calendar invites you will receive for the first workshop.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

For questions about practical matters such as time, dates, etc. – please contact Anja Damgaard Hansen 
For questions about entrepreneurial matters such as which track to choose – please contact Thomas Bernhard 

How to apply?

Fill in your personal information (only set up one business case for your whole team) -- Invite your team members so they can fill in their personal information too -- Fill out the categories "Purpose", "Resources" & "Business Idea" -- Thats it!

Apply here

SDU RIO University of Southern Denmark
  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: 65502022

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