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Installation guide Endnote MAC - students

Endnote installation for students using MAC

  1. Close all Office programs: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, etc.

  2. If you are a previous Endnote user, make sure to uninstall the obsolete version first from applications/programs. Don't delete your Endnote library and the connected Data folder, if you still plan to use your old library.

  3. Åbn Blackboard --> myLEARN --> Software.

  4. Scroll down to Endnote, find the Endnote X9 Mac version and choose download.

  5. Click the downloaded file, so it opens.

  6. Double click Install Endnote X9 to install to your applications /programs.

  7. Click Open.

  8. Click Install.

  9. Follow the Endnote X9 Customizer, press Next, etc. and at last Done. If you still have any Office programs open, you will receive a message to close them, so the installation can be completed.

  10. Now you can locate EndNote in your programs/Applications. Pull the app to your dock, so it's easy to retrieve. (EndNote users can now open their EndNote library. Remember to configure the synchronization of the library to MyEndnoteWeb).

  11. Open the EndNote app. If you need any updates, a box will appear, when the app loads. Press Download and Install in this box, and complete the update. Make sure that your Endnote is always updated, when you receive this kind of information.

  12. Open Word and note that you now have an extra tab called EndNote X9. If it don't show, try the following:
    • Close Word.
    • Open EndNote X9.
    • In the tab EndNote X9, find and run the Customizer Wizard.
    • Make sure that Cite while you write is marked, when you run through the customizer.
    • Open Word again, and the EndNote X9 tab should now be visible.
  13. Once the program is installed, you can delete the installation file from you download folder.

NOTE! If you experience any problems with the use of Endnote, it might be because you need to update your Word program. Remember you have Office 365 free to download when you are a SDU student. You might also need to update your Mac OS system. Press the Apple in the top left corner on your Mac --> about this Mac --> click Software update.

Last Updated 21.07.2021